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Rough Diamonds for Sale

Tips: Where and How can You Buy Rough Diamonds?

When compared with the brilliant stones which can be found in elegant settings, a freshly mined rough diamond looks more like a dull, opaque piece of glass that you found at the beach. Through organizations like De Beers’ Central Selling Organization (CSO), rough diamonds have been finding their way into the market.
The CSO holds 10 exclusive sales or “sighs” every year in London where buyers can select which rough diamonds to buy. In order to buy rough diamonds from the CSO, it is important for buyers to be Sightholders with the De Beers Family of Corporations. But the sights are no place for small or modest buyers as each sight is valued anywhere between US $ 500,000 to US $ 2,000,000.
For buyers who do not have such financial girth available to them, the outside market presents a better trading opportunity. The outside market has diamond wholesalers, diamond buying and sales offices and diamond mining companies located in Africa. It goes without saying that buyers need to have in depth knowledge of the industry and the product in order to avoid falling prey to any scams.
There is also the option of buying through the black market which accounts for 50% of the world market. The black market is illegal but there are more chances of being swindled than finding a good deal there.

Buying diamonds can be a difficult task to do if you do not have adequate amounts of information. It is a business where specialists and experts thrive by developing good relationships and maintain strong financial capacity.

There are certain tips that buyers should keep in mind during the purchase process

  • Precious stones should be bought under well lit situations. Its best to buy them on a good weather day so that the true color of the stone can be assessed.

  • It is recommended to put the rough diamond inside a diamond color test grader in order to examine the color of the diamond underneath a daylight lamp.

  • It is also recommended (for first time buyers) to test the diamond piece with a diamond tester in order to make sure that the piece is a true diamond rather than a stimulant.

  • Be sure to check out any available rough diamond prices or lists available online. These lists can help buyers determine the cost of purchase of rough diamonds depending on their shape, weight, color and clarity.

  • Have your own materials and tools at hand when you are buying diamonds.

  • If there is a seller who tells you that the color of the rough diamond will clear up during the cutting, it is best to avoid them.

  • Find an excellent cutter who can offer good services because poor handling and cutting can wind up decreasing the value of the stone.

The most important thing to remember is that buyers need to have proper knowledge of diamonds and the industry in order to find the best possible rough diamonds or else they could stand in danger of losing a lot of money.

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