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Rough Cut Diamonds

5 Important Rules to Follow


The high cost of diamonds can be attributed to the quality of the cut and the processing of the diamond. Diamond cutting involves a number of processes which bring out the true beauty of the gem diamonds. Rough diamonds are taken, then processed and removed of imperfections in order to make a brilliant diamond.
By knowing how to buy rough diamonds, it is possible to save money or make profits by buying rough diamonds and having them processed by a professional cutter.  While this is a good way to save money, there are also many chances of being scammed. There are certain rules that can be followed which will help you with your rough cut diamond purchase.


5 rules of thumb when buying rough cut diamonds


Classification of rough diamonds
It is very important for buyers to be aware of the basics of rough cut diamonds before they actually start the purchasing process. Topics like the crystalline structure, color tests, pricing, etc all should be thoroughly researched by the buyer. Unless you have an expert opinion easily available, it is important for the buyer to be well versed in all aspects of rough cut diamonds.

  1. Reputable vendor
    It is important to find a credible and reputable merchant. The credentials of the vendor should be looked into and you should find out if the vendor’s products have the Kimberly process certification. It is in your best interest to purchase rough cut diamonds which are free from all manners of conflict and problems. It is very important to go over the vendor’s term, conditions and policies and understand them thoroughly before starting the purchasing process. 
  2. Get expert advice
    If it is financially feasible, buyers should bring an expert appraiser with them when they go to purchase the rough cut diamonds. In case the appraiser cannot accompany you, ask the supplier for an escrow arrangement where the purchase money is help in trust until the buyer can have the stones appraised from an independent lab. Sellers who are unwilling to guarantee their product or allow independent inspections should be avoided.
  3. Before and after appraisals
    It is important to have the rough cut diamond appraised before and after cutting in order to ensure that you have not been duped. This should especially be done if you are getting the rough diamond cut from a jeweler. It is important to inform the jeweler of your intentions from the start as it reduces chances of any fraud or misrepresentation.
  4. Find a skilled cutter
    Most people who are in the market for rough diamonds buy them for personal reasons or will have their cut for reselling purposes. It is very important that the cutter be selected with extreme care because poor handling and sloppy workmanship can wind up ruining a good investment.

Buying rough cut diamonds and getting them cut requires the buyer to have extensive knowledge about diamonds in general. Regardless of buyer intentions, they have to be ready to invest a good amount of their time in research and learning all they can about rough diamonds if they wish to make the best purchase possible.


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