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The DiamondFloor Online International diamond exchange Platform


DiamondFloor is an online innovative diamond trading platform which brings together the best of the diamond tradition with the most advanced modern day technology. DiamondFloor is the leader platform woldwide of its kind as it provides an online international diamond exchange which has been designed by diamond dealers and jewelers, for fellow diamond dealers and jewelers. It is a global, real time and neutral market place where dealers can interact with ease. 

It is very easy for diamond dealers to buy and sell diamonds through DiamondFloor online exchange platform.  Buyers can search the inventory and match their needs by selecting which suppliers they wish to buy from. Trading online is also very easy because buyers can get in contact with suppliers through private messaging or by checking out their website.
Selling diamonds is just as easy because all that dealers need to do is see what the demands of the buyers are and what the market is offering. They can see who needs what and at what price and quantity.
It is also very easy to update the diamond inventory and demands on the website through the templates available on the website. It is also possible for dealers to upload inventory files or bulk upload their certificates and images.
Buying and selling of jewelry is just as simple. By using the jewelry search feature, buyers can refine the options given and short list what they are looking for. They can view product details along with full sized images and any matching sets. Buyers can also contact suppliers with ease and without any hassle. Suppliers can sell their jewelry pieces by creating a virtual showroom where they can define who can access their showroom (members only or public) as well as determine which pieces they wish to showcase.
The community features allows diamond dealers and jewelers to interact with each other. They can discuss different topics related to the industry with a global audience as well as create contacts with new dealers. It is very easy to create new links, advertise and affiliate through the DiamondFloor online trading platform.
One of the best features available is that dealers can monitor market supply and demand in real time through the website. They can also go through the weekly market reports and industry memo reports which can help dealers stay on top of the news related to the industry.
DiamondFloor also provides many support features for members. It is possible to get instant online support through real-time online help. It is also possible to call, fax, email or visit any one of the global centers.  DiamondFloor provides also a valuable service to the global diamond dealers and jewelers while making sure that private information is kept secure and safe.


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