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Certified diamond dealers with a vast knowledge of the industry can become very successful and proceed to work independently or be employed by the best diamond firms in the business. However, there is no doubt that the most lucrative prospects for a diamond dealer lie in DiamonFloor, an online diamond trading floor that is held in high esteem by all those that are well familiar with the diamond industry. DiamondFloor employs the top qualified diamond dealers in the business. With DiamondFloor you will get certified diamonds of the highest quality that were hand-picked by the most professional dealers in the field.  

The Diamond Dealers Profession

Dealing with diamonds sounds like a dream profession; one that enables you to be in close connection with these shiny wonders on a daily basis. In addition, successful diamond dealers have the opportunity of attaining great wealth and success. However, there are many more facets to the diamond dealing profession. Are you curious about learning what the job of a diamond dealer entails and what prospects it may have? If you are, keep reading and get an exclusive peek to what the diamond dealer's world is all about.

How Does One Become a Diamond Dealer?

A diamond dealer is a lucrative profession that requires much expertise and experience; but even the most professional diamond dealers have had to start somewhere. If you are considering the career of a diamond dealer, then you should prepare yourself for a long education and starting from the very bottom. It is a challenging path but if you pursue it with perseverance, then one day you may have a very rewarding profession. 

The aspiring diamond dealer should take as many courses as he can on the subject of gemology. Gemology is the field dealing with gems and diamonds. The purpose of these courses is to educate you about all aspects of the jewelry industry and the diamond industry in particular, such as qualities of diamonds, resources of raw materials for diamonds, purchasing and selling diamonds, and so on. You do not have to attain an academic degree to become a diamond dealer. However, gaining the title of a Graduate Gemologist (GG) through your studies may be incredibly useful and help you greatly in finding jobs in the field. After you become a Graduate Gemologist, you can go on to become a Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA). This title may further help you in your goal of becoming a diamond dealer.

When you pursue a career in diamond dealing, you have to remember that you will start from the bottom and slowly build your way up. Don't let this discourage you, as you will get plenty of useful knowledge along the way, as well as valuable experience in all facets of the industry. You will not be able to become a diamond dealer right away – first you will to apply to jobs that require less experience, such as sales jobs in diamond stores or the jewelry section of a department store. These jobs will go on your resume and serve as a proof for your experience.

Being a Diamond Dealer: What to Expect

What does the diamond dealing profession actually entail? A diamond dealer is a jack-of-all-trades, as this job involves a multitude of skills and can vary daily. The main focus of the diamond dealer's job is to buy rough diamonds, export them or sell them to factories and other dealers. Whoever goes into the diamond dealing field should therefore be well aware that it is a job that requires constant interaction with people, as well as great marketing and negotiation skills. In a way, being a diamond dealer is lot like being an entrepreneur, what with searching for new markets and constantly thinking of ways to promote your business. 

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